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The Alliance of Droids was formed by 2 young teenagers in Victoria, Australia on the 23rd of December, 2015. Who were these two young teenagers? They were none other than Liam Arbuckle (@Droidology), and Nicholas Antipas (@Nickoyoshi).

It started off as a sort of game, where we trapped BB-8’s evil cousin in a water bottle (for the full version of that story, become a Droid Builder and go to my Droid Builder Profile).

But we later decided it could be serious, fun, entertaining and helpful for others (yes, even the droids).

A bit of back story here, though:

I was born (and raised for a year) in Melbourne, the capital city of the Australian state Victoria. I moved to Perth when I was very young because of the work situation. All the rest of my family live in Victoria, including my uncle, the notable Droid Builder Ian.

In late 2015 I went to visit my family with plans to build my droid with Ian, and along came Nick. I hardly knew him but we hit it off instantly. We formed the AoD after fish and chips (again, go to my profile ^ for the full story).

We are now dedicated to helping people with disabilities, including depression, autism and more. We are also dedicated to being sciency and inventive.

-Limo (@Droidology) – CEO, Co-Founder, Alliance of Droids


The Alliance of Droids relies on its members to build the droids, make the blog posts, create the videos and do the recruiting. That is why we need members. We have members signing up monthly, after they go through a selection phase. You may see things saying 20,000 members, but most of these are spam bots (don’t worry, these bots can’t do anything).

We have a blacklist for people that absolutely cannot join under any circumstances, which can be viewed by logged-in users so they can see if you can be accepted.

Certain email accounts are considered “spammy” so we prefer using,, If you are a legitimate candidate with a different email we ask you to contact us.

The membership features are outlined here!

The forums are a great way for anyone to learn about the Alliance of Droids, even non-members, with interesting articles and posts curated and created by our members. We have many different categories, but sadly not all of them are for non-members. We have a category for blog changes, member updates and those sorts of things, which is available for anyone to read.

These forums can be found under the groups button in the sidebar menu, or at

On the member profiles of each and every member (and also groups) there is a FB-style wall that you can post your status, your recent research/droid building/activities, and you can even post on your friends’ walls. You can like and share the posts on the walls, and if you are a member of a specific group you can post on that group’s wall as well.

As mentioned before, one of the features on this website are the groups. These have a Facebook-style wall like the member profiles do, as well as a forum, images, portfolio, calendar and docs (explained next). These groups can be created by a senior member, if you have a valid reason for needing a group send me a private message (go to and click on the messages button).

On your profile (”YOUR-USERNAME”/ you have the option to create docs, which are sort of like word documents that can have files uploaded to them, images attached, and be connected to groups.


These credits are basically the AoD currency. You can buy and trade things using them, earn them for doing tasks/chores or even sell items. These credits are able to be used by every member!

You can earn credits by posting in your blog, posting in the forums, joining a group, creating droids, buying things in the store, and way more! Check out for more information!

The store (located at has a huge amount of products available to be bought. These can be bought using common currency (like the $AUD and the $USD). They can also be bought using the credits that the members receive.

You can also buy credits using the common currencies.

Plus, you can buy things from other members – all of them are trustworthy and not spam bots as they have gone through our selection phase.


The blog on the Alliance of Droids website has a lot of useful information. Each member has the opportunity to create their own blog each year, and we also post information about our new projects. Droid Build logs are no longer published in the blog, but are published in groups, my DB profile, docs and also media.

I am onto the second season of my blog!


Thinking of applying for a spot on the Board of Directors (Droids Council)? You’ve come to the right place! The Droids Council is the ruling party over the AoD, with a CEO, CIO, COO, Chairman & Chairdroid, as well as the Department Leaders.

Simply send me a personal message ( with:

  • Your D.O.B. (private)
  • Why you want to be on the Council
  • What you have done for the AoD
  • A short, 250 word bio about you
  • Anything else you may want to add

The requirements are:

  • You are an accepted member and have been for AT LEAST 2 months
  • Posted in your status at least once
  • Talked in the forums

Happy applying!